Key: A Aries, T Taurus, G Gemini, C Cancer, L Leo, V Virgo, Li Libra, S Scorpio,
Sa Sagittarius, Ca Capricorn, Aq Aquarius, P Pisces. Each section covers one year,
then rotates.

A2019, T2020, G2021, C2022, L2023, V2024, Li2025, S2026, Sa2027, Ca2028, Aq2029, P2030
Anticipated reversals occur in unanticipated locations: avoid planar surfaces. As Saturn and Pluto come into alignment, prepare for irrepressible nostalgia. Casual attachments provide a medley of diversions from long-term fantasies. Mix of sulfur and magnesium is at its height on the twelfth and twenty-ninth: stay clear of disarticulating headwinds while remaining open to miscalibrated address. Seek pine- and coconut-flavored dishes. Preferred alcohol: Anisette (neat).

T19, G20, C21, L22, V23, Li24, S25, Sa26, Ca27, Aq28, P29, A30
Reach out to long-estranged family members to say life is better without you. Don’t back away from regrets. Outer Andromeda is fragmenting into deep time shallows: Time to stop the ambivalence and say no. Midmonth is best time for buying short but avoid other financial transactions. Look over your back before making sudden move. Avoid disco. Linger in crinoline. Seek wool products and avoid rayon. Preferred alcohol: Pisco (sour).

G19, C20, L21, V22, Li23, S24, Sa25, Ca26, Aq27, P28, A29, T30
Pegasus wars with Orion, but zones of calm when Pyxis is rising. Smells intensify in arboreal regions. Old lovers come to mind, posing immediate threat. Keep eyes on interstitial aggravations. Turmeric and clove in seventh and thirteenth week will ward off transvirtual infection. Travel southward when possible but not before 6 a.m. local time. Persons from Uruguay will offer gift: not necessary to return favor but wait one week before opening. Seek volcanic dust. Preferred alcohol: Koskenkorva (with bitters).

C19, L20, V21, Li22, S23, Sa24, Ca25, Aq26, P27, A28, T29, G30
Turbulence in the nebula. Dark Matter in retrovariance. Take only third offers. Dress in chartreuse on even-numbered days and in mute orchid on odd days. Friendships cement in near term on days with “3” (3, 13, 30, 31) but stay at sea level on days with “5” (5, 15). Your horse will “place” on “0” days (10, 20, 30). Moods conform with waning and waxing moon, great calm at new moon. Avoid sexual contact at full moon. Seek bougainvillea. Preferred alcohol: Slivovitz (with orange peel).

L19, V20, Li21, S22, Sa23, Ca24, Aq25, P26, A27, T28, G29, C30
Turn no one away. Gold is buried just beyond shoreline. Emotional tides are uneven but stay with them or undercurrent will pull you down. Magnetic fields from the melting polar caps run roughshod over love life. Avoid newspapers in second weeks; at other times start with recipes, when available. Jupiter crosses Saturn in perfect Equinity Semblance: keep measured distance from newcomers. Saturn is lodestar whose course tracks in avoirdupois: pound for feckless, dram for egress, stone for gravitation. Seek cantilevers. Preferred alcohol: Aguardiente (over ice).

V19, Li20, S21, Sa22, Ca23, Aq24, P25, A26, T27, G28, C29, L30
“The seraph / Is satyr in Saturn, according to his thoughts” (Wallace Stevens). Close call becomes near miss. Bounty holds only when seared. Jade is talisman of recusal and redaction. Aspiration punctuates lunar flares. Retreat in hollow days, parry on pivots. “The genius of misfortune / Is not a sentimentalist”: defy writ to rend. The tally is incendiary, but fortune comes in buckets. Disable charms to charm. The following day rips away the scuff of last. Cleave to presenting, adjacent insistence deems purpose. Seek such sentiment (not sentimental). Preferred alcohol: Drambuie (splits).

Li19, S20, Sa21, Ca22, Aq23, P24, A25, T26, G27, C28, L29, V30
Cold mouth, hot lips. Perpetuate fevered state, outlives livid transiencies. Dig hard but cede ground. Solar flares quash unspoken dreams but open path for development. Meteor showers in the south inflate currency. Lucky numbers: 8, 13, 331. Orient Eastward for repose, Westward for reflection. Scent: basil. Keep cool, under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, on first and last days of every month except first and last months. Eat soup weekly, alternating hot and cold. Seek predisposition. Preferred alcohol: moonshine (with rum).

S19, Sa20, Ca21, Aq22, P23, A24, T25, G26, C27, L28, V29, Li30
Watch for mid-Pacific squalls. Stay totally clear on such days. Even the smallest thought can betray you. Confide only in friends from past five years and only about matters that occurred over that time. Signs of incompatibility include swift and frequent eyelid clatter, extravagant hand motion, and midday drowsiness. Signs of compatibility include sudden rain, heightened gait, and tender elbow. High risk of falling into Dark Matter. Vigilance pays off on third, twelfth, and nineteenth day. Seek vermilion. Preferred alcohol: Trappist brandy (spritz).

Sa19, Ca20, Aq21, P22, A23, T24, G25, C26, L27, V28, Li29, S30
“What is most full seems empty. Yet its use will never fail. What is most straight seems bent. The greatest skill seems like clumsiness. The greatest eloquence like stuttering.” (Tao Te Ching) Climb to the tallest point within your reach then lie flat at the lowest point, saying these words. Saturn’s rings surround your despair: have courage! Sing a song of childhood when you feel farthest from it. Every crack of thunder speaks with the voice of your dearest lost loves. Seek oak. Preferred alcohol: rice wine (chilled).

Ca19, Aq20, P21, A22, T23, G24, C25, L26, V27, Li28, S29, Sa30
Settled matters unravel: time to take the advantage. Tropical depressions complicate unfamiliar liaisons providing opportunities for needed adventure. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Uranus rising: auspicious for small-bore improvements but not major renovation. Act as if “there is no use in a center” (Stein): galvanize desire against regret and regret against compulsory well-being. Bird song provides big tip on holiday parties. Seek negative velocity. Preferred alcohol: mescal (with lemon).

Aq19, P20, A21, T22, G23, C24, L25, V26, Li27, S28, Sa29, Ca30
Sharp descent of Calypso Cluster drags Marmolean Veil into direct imbrication. Lucky numbers: −6, −18, −871. Lucky colors: maroon, dead-island blue, mustard gray. Stay pressurized: do not leave capsule. Pseudoglossia is music from outer spheres but do not interpret or translate. Live in, not for, the moment. Seal the deal (resistance is a form of divination). Seek adjacency. Preferred alcohol: cachaça (with lime and sugar).

P19, A20, T21, G22, C23, L24, V25, Li26, S27, Sa28, Ca29, Aq30
Let envy propel you to eternity. Otherwise, duck and cover. Orion lays bare prognosis: structure treatment in response. Anxiety cools to fermenting antagonism: perpetuate memorialization. Sylvan linings pocket outsize payouts. Scatter in flutter, halt then heave hard. Use thyme and ginger on sixth and eighth days of month, otherwise paprika (except in first and last days). Time will stand still at last moment. Follow the radiant sound of whoosh and whap. Declare insolvency as metaphysical foundation: blur affinities and self-identifications. Midmonths probe deep into shadows: reject false bottoms. Seek inardency. Preferred alcohol: absinthe (with Bénédictine).