Sue Coward Marquand was a valued friend to many of the people on this magazine. She was in Paris in the summer of 1953 when the magazine was founded. Her cousin, Blair Puller, ran the Paris office in the 60s, and her husband, John Marquand, writing under the name of John Phillips, was an early contributor and advisor. Another cousin, Jill Fox, has also been a long-time associate of the magazine. In 1976 Sue fell ill with cancer and died in January of 1977. Her husband wrote the eulogy which follows, delivered by his half brother, Timothy, at services held on January 15th at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City.

  Sue was not overly fond of bullfights. I believe they wearied and distressed her, although she did enjoy the music, the colors, and the pageantry. She went to bullfights with me in Spain—long ago, twenty-three years ago—when we were first together. It was then she learned the Spanish word “querencia.’’ This was very much a technical term, an “in-group” word bandied about in those days by us young aficionados of tauromachy. You may find it odd that Sue seized on it and that it became an important word in her vocabulary, in that private language she spoke with some of us.