The editors of "the enduring lion of American literary magazines" (New York Times) discuss the challenges—and the opportunities—of publishing fiction and poetry in an online age. (And tell us why they keep doing it in print.)

Lorin Stein was named editor of The Paris Review this April. Previously an editor at FSG, he has worked with such authors as Jonathan Franzen, Denis Johnson, and Richard Price.

Robyn Creswell is poetry editor of The Paris Review.  His translation of Abdelfattah Kilito's The Clash of Images was published by New Directions this fall. He's recently written about Arabic literature for Harper's.

Thessaly La Force joined The Paris Review as its inaugural web editor in April, and launched its first blog, The Daily, this June. Previously, she was on the editorial staff of The New Yorker as a producer and blogger for the magazine’s Web site.

David Wallace-Wells has been an editor at The Paris Review since 2008 and is currently the senior editor. Previously, he was books editor of The New York Sun. He is an associate director of Invisible-Exports gallery and has written for The NationThe New RepublicNewsweek, and Slate, among other publications.

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